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Monday, December 19, 2011

Voice of Democracy

Aaron won second place at the VFW Voice of Democracy Essay/Speech contest. The topic was "is there honor in serving in the military?" His friend, Christian, won 1st place and a $500 scholarship. Aaron won a $300 scholarship.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sinai 30: Sewing Project

Sinai 30: Sewing Project: Cornesti, Moldova doesn’t offer many options for jobs. A small town in the poorest country in Europe, most people living in Cornesti don...

Sinai 30: 20 Families

Sinai 30: 20 Families: Cornesti is a small village where most families live without running water and heat. Every hour in Moldova, six people die, five babies ar...

Sunday, October 30, 2011

World RACE

These World Race People are Crazy
Leah Malone's Blog
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Training Camp takes place

in the woods of middle-of-nowhere Georgia

where you’re kindly fed fish head soup, ugali,

and a grilled tomato banana and cheese sandwich.

Where you sleep in tents,

then on a school bus,

then under a tarp.

And you go to bed after midnight

only to wake up a few hours later,

before even a hint of the sun rise,

to freeze your buns off at morning exercise

running up and down the hills of Georgia.

Yep, these people are crazy.

Some of these people are alumni.

People who flew, drove, and hitchhiked

to spend the week with us, sleep deprived,

at training camp.

They served us by scrubbing toilets,

waking up at 4am to cook our food for the day,

and praying life/truth into us

over and over and over again.

Their clothes never match

…I'm pretty sure they've forgotten how.

They saw greatness in me and pushed me towards it.

They’re ALWAYS either-

a. dancing

b. laughing or

c. praying.

These people are crazy!

Speaking of prayer-

Its like the real deal for these people.

Rarely …never... did I hear prayer start with

“Dear Heavenly Father”.

Usually it started more like

“Hey Daddy” or,

“Its me again Papa” or,

“Abba we love you” or simply,


…It’s almost like they KNOW this guy?!

These people are crazy.

They stand on chairs

or in the middle of the woods on chairs

and yell things.

Declarations they like to call them.

These people are crazy.

During worship there are people





and standing.

Some people have their hands in the air,

and others have their faces on the ground.

Yikes. These people are crazy.

These people dream about

shutting down every brothel,

ending the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland,

getting clean water for African villages,

seeing Haiti restored,

and finding a loving home for every orphan.

They dream about these things

because they’re actually living to make them happen.

I'm telling you-

these people are crazy.

Everyday normal conversation

consists of things like-

fire tunnels,



poop problems,

and ridiculously awesome

workings of the Holy Spirit.

These people are crazy.

And apparently,

after traveling the world for 11+ months

it becomes difficult, if not impossible,

to speak in full sentences.

Because of this,

everything is shortened by an acronym.




I guess I should start practicing!

These people are crazy.

These people actually believe

every word of the Bible to be true.

They believe healings are possible. Now. Today.

They believe that God breathes and life happens.

They believe we are no longer slaves to sin.

They believe that the power of Christ is IN us.

They believed in the potential for the quiet girl sitting in the back

with the walls around her heart to experience freedom and love.

They believe and pray the same prayer Jesus did-

“on earth as it is in Heaven”.

And you know what…

I’ve started praying that too.

Because I actually really, really like that idea.

On earth as it is in Heaven?

Absolutely. Bring it on.

There’s no doubt in my mind

that those strange Kingdom minded people

who I met this week in the woods of Georgia

are absolutely CRAZY.

But what I decided this week is,

I’m ready to be crazy too!

The Kingdom of God is worth my abandonment.

These World Race People are CRAZY.

These World Race People are CRAZY.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Bri is in Moldova for her birthday this year.... courtesy of the World Race!
Kyle's class at Fellowship Baptist Academy is following her trip around the world.
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